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HOLOVR – Holo Earth


About this product

Fugged-up, emotive electronica from Jimmy Billingham’s Holovr alias, returning to Opal Tapes with his first vinyl release. ‘Holo Earth’ follows the scuzzy sci-fi themes of ‘Lunar Lake’ with a spirited collection of droning pads, murdered jungle and cracked techno nodding to early Autechre, no wave electronics and dark ambient musics. We can hear contemporary parallels in certain sectors of the Bristol sound between Young Echo and No Corner, but it’s all much more blown out and degraded, even ambiguous, strung between celestial new age dreaminess, rugged rhythms and morphing patina of hiss and wobble. It’s a subtle slow burner, but once you’re in there it’s got a strange beauty of its own. -Boomkat Holo Earth by HOLOVR

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