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Studio Tracks
A1 Give Up To The Game
A2 Hey You
A3 I Want To Go Out
A4 The Signs Are Extending
A5 White Space
Live Tracks
B1 I Have Seen
B2 Logical
B3 I Want To Go Out
B4 Mind's Emotion
B5 This Is A Cage

Finally on vinyl, the studio album sessions of one of the most important italian 'cult band' of the Eighties. The name of the band was ispired by the famous sci-fi novel of Louis Charbonneau.Liquid Eyes born in Roma in 1983, after the meeting between the singer/keyboardist Luca Febbraro (former Illogico) and the bassplayer Michael Held. After some concerts, the guys got in touch with the actress/peeformer/singer Patrizia Bettini. The new line up started to play many shows in theathers and rock venues all over Italy. In 1984 Michael come back to Germany and the band was contacted by a new bass player Domenico De Maria. After one year, a new bass player (from Illogico too) moved to play with the Eyes, the well know Luigi Parravicini, 'til the final split-up of the band in 1992. Sythetic Shadows is proud to present to the world, one of the most exciting and charismatic electronic band from the italian Eighties. A magic moment of creativity and energy for the entire nation! Buy or Die!!!!

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