Lenz - Ways To End A Day


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01. Moody Michelle
02. Roman Holiday
03. Leaving (The 21st Century)
04. Feeling
05. Dead Zone
06. Nothing
07. Humans
08. Ways To End A Day

OAKLAND'S LENZ (Andy Human of The Cuts, The Time Flys, Etc) After a pair of EP's (a 7" on SS Records and a 12" on Tic Tac Totally) Lenz has finally released their full length album. Self described as "Ice-Pop" they deliver a seamless set of hook-laden, introspective pop that is equal parts cosmic, jangly, and punchy. A modern, occasionally prog-ish, take on 80's indie/pop rock like Modern English and Echo & The Bunnymen that has easily shared a live stage with bands like DIIV and Sam Flax. Featuring current and former members of Girls, The Cuts, Shalants, Time Flys, Andy Human, Buzzer, The Impediments and Glitz.

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