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      Zendegi (Intro) - Sepehr
      Contamination - Sepehr
      Hallucination Express - Sepehr
      Coup D'etat - Sepehr
      Consortium - Sepehr
      Magma - Sepehr
      Neophyte Delight - Sepehr
      Rooz-e Marg (Outro) ft Sahra - Sepehr

Zendegi (Intro)
Hallucination Express
Coup D'etat
Neophyte Delight
Rooz-e Marg (Outro) ft. Sahra

We are proud to welcome back San Francisco based DJ and producer Sepehr Alimagham for his debut album ‘Shaytoon’. He cites early influences like Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, and post-hardcore bands for kick-starting his affinity for off-kilter, underground music. In 2017 Sepehr began performing live PA sets and released his first EP on Black Catalogue. He’s since released music on Squirrels On Film, Acid Camp, Legwork, EON, and the ‘Body Mechanics’ EP for us in 2018.
Drenched in nostalgia from his upbringing, ‘Shaytoon’ pays homage to 1970s Iranian albums that were on rotation throughout his youth. Eight tracks of twisted acid, left-of center electro, sludgy psychedelia, and things-you-can-maybe-call-techno are a few of the sonic elements found within. Regular listeners will find Sepehr’s signature perspiratory dance-floor vibe, but some songs also showcase a low-slung, cerebral approach. Sepehr's unique sonic palette carves an interesting space in the dance music world by harnessing the spirit of his cultural ancestors. All songs have been mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The artwork pays tribute to ‘70s Iranian pop and funk albums with bold Farsi calligraphy and portraits by Sahra Jajarmikhayat. In relation to the music, the album cover creates a dichotomy much like Throbbing Gristle's ’20 Funk Jazz Greats’. Berakhs (Dance).

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