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A1 –Grandmaster O Santa Cut
A2 –Ende Shneafliet X-mas Card From Outer Space
A3 –Mark Lane When The Candle Burns Tonight
A4 –Atom Cristal Cristalissages
A5 –Ptôse What Will You Bring (To Me)?
A6 –A.T.R.O.X. The Little Match Girl
A7 –Bene Gesserit Joyeux Poëme !!
A8 –Geluidshouwerij Snow Blow
B1 –The Legendary Pink Dots Government Health Warning
B2 –Jacques van Erven Longfellow's Christmas Bells
B3 –Pascal Comelade Creche Musicale Et Plastique
B4 –Doxa Sinistra Sade Claus Is Coming To Town (Chapter I - VII)
B5 –Van Kaye & Ignit Happy Holiday
B6 –Edward Ka-Spel Jesus Wept
B7 –Genetic Factor Vigila Di Natale

A young Oscar Smit (DJ and music journalist) falls in love with the torrential music of the Christmas recording by Phil Spector, “A Christmas Gift For You”; and since then, he has been obsessed with all the versions, albums and songs which have something to do with Christmas time.

On the other hand, he is also a true fan of dark and experimental music, and knows largely the underground scene which arose in the 80ies; an international movement with a working philosophy totally “DIY”, which used to distribute most of their publications by post and cassette format. So he tries to follow the possible common points between both passions, but soon realizes that they are basically nonexistent. Far from getting discouraged, he starts up an unusual project: to ask these bands, just known by a few and which he loves so much, to record their own Christmas tracks.

This is how in 1984 “Oscar’s X-Mas Carols” is born; the first cassette compilated by Oscar Smit’s imprint Noel Tapes in Holland, which would be followed by two more; “Santa Claus Comes” (1985) and “Is That You Santa Claus?” (1987). X-mas Card From Outer Space (Oscar X-Mas Carols 1984-1987)” is a selection of the best tracks of these three cassettes.

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