Various Artists - DOMESTIC LANDSCAPE VOL​.​2


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A1. Tranquil Eyes - In These Times (Original Mix) 04:20
A2. Sleep Chamber - Victmm (Sex Mix) 04:56
A3. S.M. Nurse - She 03:09
A4. Effetto Joule - Mechanika 03:14
A5. Rob Lawrence - She Moves Like A Machine 05:02
B1. Parade Of Sinners - What A World! 03:19
B2. Twelve 88 Cartel - Flags On A Hill 09:25
B3. Opfer Der Hingabe - Prediction (Brainwave Version) 03:51
B4. Handful of Snowdrops - The Raving 04:41

- Edition of 400 copies
- Album presented in a special die-cut jacket and heavy black cardboard sleeve
- Hand-printed insert with letterpress
- Includes a dossier with pictures, complete biographies and extra information.

This is the second volume of 'Domestic Landscape' series, a collection of rare electronic music compiled from bands around the world.

Once more, and as we did with the first volume of ‘Domestic Landscape’, we present you a selection of songs that you won’t find in any other format, apart from of a few exceptions which were published in cassette and in very limited editions. All the bands selected have something in common: they are projects born out of the need to express an own, original and genuine message, built up from a solid basis and the result of hard work. Needless to say, all of them did it through analogic technology and, therefore, the main transmitters of this message are the synthesizers, the drum machines and the sequencers. In addition, each of them created, promoted and sold their music in a totally independent way; in a context which was very different from the current one and, up to a degree, much less friendly. Some of these bands have survived for years, others have disappeared and others have mutated; however, now we can enjoy their music again and give them the recognition that they deserve.

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