Zru Vogue - Assembly For Body Movements


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A1 Cumulonimbus
A2 Penetrating Octavia
A3 No Occupancy
B1 Now!
B2 Possibly Imagined
B3 The Artist

All music composed, performed, and recorded by Zru Vogue between 1980 & 2011.

Formed in Palo Alto, California (U.S.A), Zru Vogue explores since 80's the psychedelic side of electronic music through avant-pop, post punk and a funky minimalist rock. Modernity reflects their art: abrasive collages of sounds from guitars, voices, synthesizers ... Defining a large trippy world full of creativity. Find here liberty and extravaganza, all of that tempered by serious cold tones.

Zru Vogue is Andrew L. Jackson & Rick Cuevas.
On "Cumulonimbus" accompagnied by Tom Sanders & Nancy Miller.
On 3 tracks from B-Side, accompagnied by Angélique.

"Cumulonimbus" (A1) was released on vinyl in 1981 on Adolescent Records.The 3 tracks from side B was self-released in 1984 on a tape called "Now!"..."Penetrating Octavia" & "No Occupancy" was composed in 2011 and never released on vinyl, too.

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