Synthetic Romance

In anticipation of the Those Attractive Magnets “ElectroMagnetic Pulse” LP on Dark Entries I’ve digitized and uploaded the ultra-rare Synthetic Romance compilation from 1982!

From the back of the album:

“Synthetic Romance – for people wanting a collection of modern and futuristic music. The groups are varied, from all parts of the country and all walks of life, with one thing in common – the synthesizer – perhaps the most sophisticated instrument of our century.
This album is intended to promote the best new groups performing their own material. It also demonstrates the imagination and foresight of these yet little known musicians.”

That description sums up the music on this LP, everything from an upbeat instrumental to some of the catchiest synthesized dance music I’ve ever heard!

The sad part about this compilation also comes from the LP jacket blurb:

“All tracks have been produced by Darryl Johnston for EBONY RECORDS – an independent record company with its own 24 track recording studio – whose aim is to promote new groups.”

This meant that the bands were forced to re-record their original songs in a totally new studio with different instruments/arrangements and most of the songs suffered from this forced imposition. In addition all the bands had to pay for this new 24 track recording session! For example, “Fade Into Silence” by Those Attractive Magnets is strikingly different from the original version that will appear on the “ElectroMagnetic Pulse” LP. Also stripped down is “Together” by D.H.S.S., another band that featured Rikk Quay from Those Attractive Magnets, who will be released on Dark Entries next year.

Please enjoy this long lost compilation and discover what the Futurist movement was all about northern England circa 1982!

Thanks to Øystein from Hommage Records for sending me the Roman Holiday track without any skips!!

Various Artists – Synthetic Romance (Ebony Records) 1982

A1   Jonny Dee – Stargazer
A2   The Truth – System Thinking
A3   Those Attractive Magnets – Fade Into Silence
A4   Stranger Station – Welcome To The Night
A5   Roman Holiday – Waste Of Time
A6   Liar – Oriental Lady
B1   Low Profile – On The Run
B2   Factor 10 – Ever Since You Went Away
B3   Biofeedback – As Pure As The Cloth
B4   Motifs – Camera
B5   D.H.S.S. – Together


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