March 18, 2013
Belaboris - Once Upon A Time LP

Continuing our tribute to Women's HERstory Month in March, we are thrilled to re-issue a collection of songs by Finnish female Futu 5-piece, BELABORIS! Pre-orders will begin March 29th! [mp3-jplayer tracks="1.-Kuolleet-Peilit.mp3, 2.-Yo-Vanhassa-Talossa.mp3, 3.Odotus.mp3, 4.-Kolme-Askelta.mp3, 5.-Baby-Pop.mp3, 6.-Monsteribaari.mp3, 7.-Mitä-Lapsille-Tapahtui.mp3, 8.-Odotus-Demo.mp3,9.-Kolme-Askelta-Demo.mp3, 10.-Rakkauden-Jalkeen.mp3" title="Sound samples"] Belaboris was born in 1982 as the brainchild of Finnish producer Kimmo Miettinen. What […]

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