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David Microwave Javelosa – Cyber Steam Cabaret


About this product

      01 Free Two
      02 Spacetime Howard
      03 Safety Check
      04 D Day pt1
      05 Doc & Beans
      06 Trio
      07 Night Club Scene
      08 Cyber Steam Cabaret
      09 Clear Skies
      10 Atomic Strike!
***Cyber Steam Cabaret is a steam punk opera featuring cabaret ballads, video game anthems and electronic free jazz! Composed and produced by David Microwave Javelosa of Los Microwaves and Baby Buddha. Packaged in a nostalgic parody of the ’70s classic Deja Vu. The lead track “Spacetime Howard” has been mixed by Geza X. The B side lead is a notorious video game rarity “Night Club Scene” that has generated over 100 thousand Youtube views and likes.

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