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“The tracks on this album are largely improvised, drawing upon an often disorienting fusion of heavily distorted vocals, repetitive synth parts, and drum machine beats. A constant sense of unease runs throughout, ranging from the crazed ‘Last Decoy’ to the ominous instrumental ‘Arrest 4’. [She] opts for a decidedly lo-fi aesthetic, a direct extension of her sound which serves to heighten the omnipresent tension found in this mix of both live and studio tracks. These aesthetics, as well as vocal effects, often make it difficult to decipher [the] exact lyrical content, but she says all of the songs were directly inspired by … Michel Foucalt’s Discipline and Punishment: The Birth of the Prison. Song titles like ‘Seduction of the State’ and multiple pieces titled ‘Arrest’ make these themes readily apparent” – William Archambeault for Antigravity Music Reviews Vol 22.3, March 2024

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