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Next World Sound Series Vol 2 2xLP


About this product

Side One – LX Rudis 1. Soma Intro 2. Obercyclone 10-17 3. Oberenginen 01b 4. Xpander 0930 5. Soma Beats 1 6. Soma Outro Side Two – Jack Curtis Dubowsky 1. Bolsa Chica Surf Side Three – GataTECH 1. John Gore 2. Destruct Pt.2 3. Orbit 4. Raindrops Falling From The Sky 5. Revelation 6. Lixsm Side Four – Krispy Kat Whack 1. Live at the Lube Room The Next World Sound Series is a collection of work by contemporary sound artists working in long form instrumental composition and translated to the tangible medium of vinyl. These modern day offerings capture the analog quality and experience of last century electronic recordings, present ed to you with today’s technological advances in home playback, for your environmental listening pleasure. Featuring LX Rudis, Jack Curtis Dubowsky, GataTECH, and Krispy Kat Whack.

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